Hatha Yoga for all levels - beginner to intermediate

Debbie began yoga practice in 2000.  She began teaching in 2005. 
Debbie is certified through the Amrit Yoga Institute in Salt Springs, FL
She earned her 250 hour certification in compliance with Yoga Alliance standards, in 2009.
Debbie has also studied with Ravi Singh and Ana Bret, Rolf Gates, Eric Walrabenstein and
Kamini Desai.

Debbie believes everyone can practice and receive the wonderful benefits of yoga.  Her classes are
gentle and mindful, using postures and breath to slow the mind and body, helping each student
move toward stillness and integration of mind and body.

"Being a Yoga teacher is much more than a profession.  It is an extension of your personal spiritual discipline, intended to enrich your life as you help others to enrich theirs.  You are an emissary of light, spreading love, compassion and consciousness everywhere you go, in everything you do and to everyone you encounter."    -Yogi Amrit Desai
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