Hatha Yoga for all levels - beginner to intermediate

                   BE STRONG BY BENDING
Q.  What is "Hatha" yoga?
A.    Hatha yoga is the foundational discipline on which nearly all other styles are based.  In Sanskrit, ha represents the sun and tha, the moon - hence, the practice is designed to bring the yin and yang, light and dark, masculiine and feminine aspects and polarities into balance.  Essentially, Hatha yoga brings all aspects of life together.  Hatha yoga classes include slow-paced stretching, asanas (postures) that are not too difficult, simple breathing exercises and perhaps seated meditation.  Hatha yoga classes provide a good starting point for beginners, who can learn basic poses and relaxation techniques. 
Even the basic Yoga poses will give an adequate workout.  Strength and flexibility, as well as inner peace will increase with time.  Regular practice is the only requirement. 

Q.  What do I need to bring to class?
A.  Mats and other props are provided or you may bring your own.  

Q.   What do I wear?
A.   Workout clothes,  shorts and t-shirts, whatever you can comfortably move and stretch in. We  
practice barefoot.  Please help those of us with allergies and asthma by not wearing heavy perfumes 
or perfumed lotions. 

Q.   Do I need to pre-register?
A.   No, just show up 10 minutes before class to fill out a 1 page form.  Please be punctual, as the doors 
are locked during class to insure quiet, uninterrupted time for your practice. 

Q.   What is the cost and is there a contract?
A.   Each class is $15 or you may purchase 6 classes for $72.  It is recommended to attend 8 to 10
classes to feel the benefits, although most students feel better after one or two classes.

Q.   Is there a Beginner class?
A.   All classes are suitable for beginners. Each pose can be modified for the appropriate level of the
student.  The beauty of Yoga is the beginning where you are each day, and simply go from there!

Q.   What is the length of each class?
A.   90 minutes. 

Q.   What method of payment is accepted?
A.   Cash or check.

Q.   Should I be nervous?
A.   Absolutely not. There is no competition in Yoga and the practice is  beneficial for all age groups, every level of fitness, all body types and sizes.  

Q.   Are Private Sessions available, and what is the cost?
A.   A 1 hour session is $60.  You may share the cost with 1 or 2 friends.

Q.   How can I contact the Instructor?
A.   Call Susan at 813-325-1296 for more info on yoga classes.

Q.   Are Gift Certificates available?
A.   Yes, Gift Certificates are available year round and do not expire.
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